About Us

Hi there,

Our back story

I got into software design when I couldn't find a product or service that did what I needed. And getting help with managing my rental properties was a service that I desperately needed.

My wife and I wanted something that made it easier to keep our rental properties running smoothly and our tenants happy. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that streamlined everything for landlords like us?

So I started to build this app. My goal was to create software that can be used by both landlords and tenants. I wanted the software to be easy, flexible, and reasonably priced. But more importantly, I wanted it to stay true to what rentals are all about – which is two parties saying to each other "Your home is our home."

And with that, we named our software 'Your Home Our Home'.

We like the planet

We are green therefore we work remotely, or maybe we work remotely therefore we are green?

Either way, our lean but agile approach means that our environmental footprint is less than half of most other companies. Less commuting, less office space, and a main office with 39 solar panels on the roof - we're off-grid for five months of the year! As part of this philosophy, we focus on delivering mostly virtual demos to our customers.

What are we like to work with?

We might not be the biggest software company in the market right now, but we've got big dreams!

We're committed to working with you to ensure that our service is the solution to all your rental needs. This means providing support where it is needed and continuously investing in the product to make it better. We also believe in being available when you need us, and answering all your questions in our extensive self-help resources on our website.

We're here for the long haul.

Chris Yates